Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Masons Crunchies

We buy these gerber lil' crunchies for mason. Mason Loves them. Well he is a little sneaky guy because he keeps stealing his little snack bag out of his diaper bag and eating all his crunchies. It is the cutest thing. Last time he opened the bag and ate them all. This time he just chewwed a hole in the bag and stuck his little fingers in the hole to grab out the crunchies. I decided to take a picture to catch his cutness. I wish I got a better one but the dog (Chloe) started to hicup and Mason got distracted and started lauging and playing with Chloe.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another lesson in washing clothes

I yet again made a stupid mistake when it comes to washing clothes. I washed Jesse's nice work clothes and all Masons to Clothes he got for his birthday. Well when I pulled them out of the dryer and started to fold them I notice big spots of blue all over the clothes . Apparently Jesse had a pen in his pocket and the pen exploded in the dryer. Although I checked all the pant pockets I failed to check the pockets to his shirts.

Of course this stressed me out cause I didn't want to have to buy all new work clothes for Jesse and new clothes for Mason. I decided to Google it and see what I could find out about getting ink out. Hair spray was the answer however most of what I read on the internet said it was hopeless if I dried them, which of course I did. Well I came across this post and they said they scrubbed the ink with hair spray then used 1 cup of baking soda and 4 scoops of oxi clean filled the washer in hot water and let the oxi clean and baking soda sit for a few minutes then added the clothes and agitated them for a few minutes let them sit for 30 minutes then washed them and all the ink came out. So it was off to the store for some supplies.

Once all was said and done I started the long process of trying to get the ink out. Since the warm water to the washer leaked we had to shut off the hot water valves to the washer so I hade to put 5 pots on the stove let them get hot then I used that water to soak and wash the clothes. Luckily most of the stains came out. I think all but one of Jesse's shirts and that one was stained the most. I'm surprised as much ink came out of it as it did. I'm soaking and washing it again to see if Maybe I can get it out the rest of the way. Anyway what a relief all though one shirt may be ruined I saved the rest of the clothes. Another lesson I had to learn about washing clothes and checking pockets. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pasta salad

Jesse has a friend from work that is having a bbq so Jesse asked me to make a pasta salad. I love pasta salad so I was more then willing. So I made it and now I want to eat it, but I'm afraid if I start I wont stop and there will not be enough for tomorrow. It's just not fair. I get to go to the bbq so I'm sure I will get some tomorrow but I don't want to wait. I have to work though so I will be a bit late. If there is none left by the time I get there I will be sooo mad and sad.

So to make it I used tri color pasta. I put black olives, red pepper, grape tomatos, cubed chedder cheese, peparoni and of course itialian dressing and lots of it. I did taste it just to make sure it was good and it was the best. Hopefully others think so to. Although I wont be bummed if they dont because that leaves left overs for me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

mmm Tomatos are yummy

Grandpa has a garden and he always gives us a bag of tomatoes and other veggies. Mason LOVES Grandpas tomatoes. I always give him tomatos as a snack. I'm trying to stay away from the sweets as much as possible just giving him them once in awhile mostly on special occasions. So in there place I try to give him veggies and fruits. Well I put the tomatoes he gave us on the floor when I walked in the house and just left them there. Well today when I was checking my mail I looked up and little Mason had a tomato in his hand and was eating it like an apple. It was the cutest thing. I am so proud that he likes tomatoes that much and hopefully I can stick with the whole thing of giving him veggies as a snack rather than giving him a ton of sweets.

Whats that

Little Mason is getting so big. The other day he started to point at things and say was sa was sa. I swear he is saying whats that whats that. I guess it is hard to say but it is way cute. I try to just let him touch what he is pointing at then tell him what it is.
When he was at my sisters the other week she put some streamers on the ceiling fan and I think she kept pointing at it and saying Masom whats that. Im not sure though but it would explain it cause he usually points up when he says it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Masons Party

What a fun day it was on Saturday. We had Masons very first birthday party. I did kinda go all out but I am glad I did cause it was really a lot of fun. I had a lot of help from everyone so that really helped out a lot. Bonnie (Jesse's mom was gracious enough to allow us to have the party at her house. She also decided that it would be a good Idea to have Hamburgers with the hot dogs that I bought so she got the hamburgers and the chips as well. It was very nice of her to help. My mom brought the cake which was the best cake ever. It was so good. My sister brought a very scrumptious potatoes salad and Amy and Erin my good firends brought some watermelon. If I Forgot anything then sorry people. Anyway we started of with a little bbq and conversation of course. I wanted to get a picture of little mason with a party hat so I put the hat on his little head and imediatly got this frown on his face and a little tear dripped down his left eye. It was the cutest thing ever and sad to.
Finally once everyone got there and we started to open presents. I am so thankful that Mason got so many nice toys and outfits. My mom likes to spoil him so between us all he definatiely got plenty. Grammy tammie got him several toys and severals outifts. Emily helped with the toys and got him a nice little book. Jesse and I got Mason 2 outfits a pair of pjs a little wooden train and a baby piano that Im sure he will love. :). Grandma Bonnie got him a little drum a ball contraption thingy that well Im not really sure what it does yet untill I get betteries in it. I think the balls pop out the top. Drew and his kids (Jesse's cousin) got him a little truck and this stuffed cow the moos. Jaymie my good friend got him this little puzzle like thing that makes noises when you put it together. My friend Erin and Amy got him a gigantic bag of legos. Anyway it was great. I think the best part was when we gave Mason a piece of his cake. He grabs a glob of frosting and sticks it in his mouth and he just kept going after that first bite. It was so adorable. Anyway I am so thankfull that My friends and family came. It was such a good time. Next year will probably not be so big but I had to go all out for his number 1. However have the bbq makes me really want to have at least one bbq with friends and family a year. It was the best time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where is my phone?

Yesterday I needed to make some phone calls but couldn't find my phone. I looked for awhile and unsuccessful I decided to go about my day. I did some vacuuming, did the laundry and did some dishes. I kinda forgot about the whole thing. Well later I had to do some more laundry so I went down stairs and started to unload the load I did earlier as I was unloading I immediately thought oh crap I better not have washed my phone. I checked the pockets and I found a set of keys but no phone. Phew I thought man that really would have sucked. I finished unloading the load and at the bottom of the washer there lied my phone. I shook my head and said to myself "stupid stupid stupid" with a half grin on my face kinda laughing at myself and dreading the fact that I decided not to get insurance on my phone. Man why couldn't it have been Jesse's phone his has insurance on it I thought. I figured its just material it can replaced but it still really sucks since I have another 4 months till I can get a deal on a new one. Well once I realized I lost all my data I kinda got pretty upset. All my pictures and phone numbers were gone. That feeling was worse then the feeling that I ruined a $200 phone and somehow would have to come up with the money to get a new one that probably wasn't as nice. Anyway I went up stairs and of course Jesse was trying to make me feel better. "Don't beat your self up. Things happen. At least you didn't scratch and ruin a brand new 1,200 tv" (which is another totally entire story in itself) Still though it wasn't the phone as much as it was the data. Anyway of course I was also thinking of the money we had to spend to get a new one which we don't really have with all that has happened last month with the cars and getting ready for Masons Party. Anyway then I realized I guess I could use my old phone for awhile which will work for awhile but it pretty much dies as soon as I charge it so it was only a short time solution. I was still upset about the data. Then Jesse reminded me that most my contacts should be on the old phone. I can't believe I didn't think about that. I was so happy. I wouldn't lose all my phone numbers after all. Also Jesse informed me that if you take the phone apart and let it dry for a few days sometimes it will start working again and I should be able to get the rest of my numbers and pictures, it just wouldn't work very well if at all. So their was still the problem with getting a new phone since the old one wasn't really going to work out since it dies so quick and I drive to salt lake for work and sometimes with a baby. Also winter was coming up and Jesse really doesn't want me to have a dead phone when I Drive all that way. We were about to go to the mall to look at phones when I said "wait a minute when I got my credit card they told me that if I pay for my phone with my card then it is insured." So I called them up and sure enough that is the case. They cover the amount of the phone minus $50 up to a max payout of $100. Since I paid about $130 for it I would get $80 toward a new phone. Then comes the bad news, in order to have a claim approved I had to have the original sales receipt. Come on now people who saves the sales receipt for that long unless your OCD or something. Ok so I do usually try to save the receipts on the big things like that but they usually end up lost somewhere since I am so unorganized. I would probably call it reverse OCD. (JK) anyway so I thought maybe Verizon had some documentation of when I bought the phone and how much it was. So I called them. First I was asking if I would get any deals on a phone and the guy was all "well you can in 4 months" and I said "well I kinda need a phone now cause I washed mine in the washing machine." "Oh he said well you have insurance on your phone so all you would have to pay is the $50." It took me back for a sec cause I never add insurance to my phone. I was afraid to say anything that would make him take that statement back. I said "well is the insurance on the other phone" He said "yeah you have it on both" I was like are you sure I don't remember doing that" "Yes I'm sure he said" what a relief I thought. Man so the whole situation wasn't as bad as I thought. So I called the insurance people and now I am getting a new phone today. Now that I think about it I slightly remember adding the insurance thinking I'll just take it off later cause I'm sure I wont need it and it is a waste of money. I guess God was looking over me cause I totally forgot about it and this is really the only time that I really needed that insurance. It's funny cause to me it is still a waste to keep it because if you think about it I have had a cell phone for about 7 years and if I paid the $6 a month for all that time that adds up to a whopping $420 and I only really used it once. Well Jesse doesn't agree so more then likely it will stay for this phone and future phones as well. All I know is now that I have paid for it and didn't miss the money I am glad cause I would be missing even more money now. Anyway so as I was finishing up this blog there was a knock at the door, so I got up to answer it and there was the delivery man handing my my phone. That is so Crazy I just called them after 6pm yesterday and I already had the phone in my hands just before 10am and it shipped from TN. It is a crazy time when you get a package from across the country in less then 16 hours.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So much love for one little guy.

I love my little guy so much. It's so crazy how much personality and how much little Mason has grown. It is just crazy. It seems so weird but the more I get to know him and the more he grows the more I love him and the closer I feel to him. Is that wrong? I feel kinda bad saying that my love grows for him each day cause I feel like all that love should have already been there. Of course I loved him from the beginning but I guess it was kind of like an unknown love in a way since I didn't really know him. Maybe I just love what he is becoming and each and every milestone and little personality trait he gets I fall in love with over and over again and have so much pride for that it feels like it is more love because there is more to love. Does that sound weird to anyone. Anyway I hope people don't think I am a bad mom for that. I really don't know what I would do without the little guy. He makes me so happy and he fills a void in my life that was definitely not there before. Anyway I am posting a few pictures of Mason from when he was first born to now. Kind of like a little tribute to his first year of life.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My little Clepto

Ok so I was at walmart the other day buying stuff for Masons birthday party. I had Mason in his stroller cause all I needed was some plates cups and a small toy. Well I checked out and went to my car and as I was getting Mason out of his stroller I noticed some plates laying in there with him. I knew they were not plates I grabed cause they were the one year old plates for girls. So my little guy commited his first crime. I guess he must have grabed them to play with them as I was shopping. I thought it was kinda humerous but when I went in to return them the walmart greeter didn't really find it as humerous as I did. Oh well they didn't seem mad they just kinda looked at me with a blank look and took the plates. Oh well. I just hope he doesn't take that habbit on to his later years.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Zoo

Last Saturday Mason and I went to the Zoo for a birthday party for my friends little girls Alyia. We also took Darien, Jesse's Nephew. We all had so Much fun. We got Alyia a doll and some playdo. I was so happy because she really seemed to love the doll a lot. It is always hard to shop for people especially little kids cause you never know what they will like. Sometimes it seems that the boxes and the paper is the real present. Anyway after the party we walked around and lookes at the animals. I like the elephants and the Rhinos the best. I think dariens favorite part was the Carosole ride. It was a lot of fun. I look forward to the day when Mason really enjoys going places like Dinosour park, the zoo and all the other fun places their is to take little kids.