Thursday, November 13, 2008

My little monkey

On Halloween we dressed Mason up as a monkey. He was so cute. We took him out trick or treating just for fun. We only went to about 8 doors or so. This one guy was all "your not going trick or treating for him. Your going for your self." Im thinking are you kidding me. This guy actually thinks that I have nothing better to do then go door to door just to get candy. Its like he thinks for some reason I can't just go to the store and buy my own candy. Anyway it was still fun. After words we went to Jesse's moms and met up with my mom and my aunt Jean. She was visiting from texas. It was so great to visit with her and nice that she could see Mason. It was a fun Halloween although I didn't get as many picks of Mason that I wantes. I figured I would just dress him up at home and take more. However the dog ruined that by chewing up his costume. JERK
Anyway here are a few that we did. get.

I love my daddy

I thought I would share this because it is so cute. When ever Jesse comes home from work Mason gets this big smile on his face and goes over to the door to great his daddy. It is the cutest thing how he gets so excited when he gets home. Well yesterday when Jesse got home he decided he wanted to play his game. Well Mason went up to him and well................................... You can see for yourself.
HE loves his daddy so much

Mason is a little climber

Mason has taken a liking to climbing. About 2 weeks ago I turned around and the little guy had flipped a card board box around and sat on top of it. Then he decided that he liked to climb on the coach and go from the coach to the chair back to the coach again. I can't believe how much he is climbing. It is almost scary. I have to watch him so close. Or he will do something crazy. Like the other day. I turned around for a minute and when I turned back toward Mason he was on top of the coffee table sitting there with a big smile on his face. He was so proud of himself. Anyway he is going to be a little adventures Mountian climber or something. :)