Thursday, October 30, 2008

scarieness in the crib

The other day I put Mason down for a nap. Now the way the bedrooms are set up are you have to go into one to get to the other. Mason is in the back bedroom so it is hard to hear him so I have a baby monitor to let me know when he was crying. Well Mason was indeed crying but I decided to let him cry for a few minutes in hopes that he would fall asleep.

Well I went out to take the trash out and when I came I didn't hear anything so I was like YIPPY now I can get some stuff done. Well I went to the bathroom and I heard some little bangs and scratching on the front bedroom door. My first thought was dang cats now Mason is going to wake up However then At first I heard Mason clear as day but this time he was just talking away making his little noises. I open the front bedroom door and he is right in front of it. I freaked out. I ran into the back bedroom and the railing to the crib was on the ground. I know I put the railing up cause I remember tied the bumper to the back side of the crib and I had to stretch to tie it. I am so glad Mason didn't get hurt.

Anyway I went to the net and did some research. Apparently Masons Crib recall that happened a couple weeks ago. I guess something with the trigger lock causes it to go of track or something and it creates a gab that a child could suffocate in. I guess 2 kids have died from it which isn't a lot but it is enough to freak me out. So I called Delta the crib manufacturers and it will take 3 weeks for me to get the replacement part. Some recall website or official product safety website said to stop using the crib until you get it fixed. I called them to let them know what happened and asked that what they expect me to do until I get the parts and they said oh its safe don't worry. What the frick if it was safe why did they recall it and if it was safe why did the railing fall of my crib. HELLO. So there solution is not to pull the railing up and down until I get the parts. I guess that what causes it to go off track So that is what I will do and I will make sure and check that is on track when I put him down. I will still worry a bit when I put him down to sleep. I don't know what else to do. If I had the money I would probably just go get a new crib. I hope their solution works.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taliking talking talking

Mason is getting so big and doing so well.
Mason seems to be starting to talk. Today we were in the store and we walked by an elderly couple and Mason looked at them and said Hi and waved. IT was the cutest thing. He has actually been saying Hi for a couple weeks now. He also says no no no. When we say no to him about something he will go back up to it later and say no no no. He also points and stuff and says was sa was sa. Who knows if he know what he is saying but we always tell him what it is. The other day he looked up and said Ligh ligh. He was pointing at the light. Also when my mom had him the other day he crawled up to the cat and said ki ee ki ee. I can't wait till he starts talking more.

He is not walking yet we think it is because he sees the dogs walking on all fours and he just thinks it is normal. He is of course walking around the furniture just not on his own yet. We have him in day care 2 days a week now so we are hoping that he is influenced by the other kids and starts to walk. I'm not really worried about it yet and I'm pretty sure he will be walking soon.